About Us

Bet Knesset Feigenson

The “heart” of our community is the shul, Bet Knesset Feigenson, led by Rabbi Eliezer Schenkolewski. The shul is a melting pot that houses both Ashkenazi and Sephardi minyanim and is attended not only by residents of Nofei Aviv, but by residents of the neighboring apartment buildings as well. Bet Knesset Feigenson offers varied social and education programming including youth activities, adult education lectures, holiday events, regular shiurim, and more.

The Nofei Aviv Community

Nofei Aviv is a vibrant, dynamic young community located in Bet Shemesh, Israel where Aliyah dreams come true. The first residents of the neighborhood moved into their homes in the fall of 1996. At that time, we started out davening in people’s homes. As more families moved in (and we outgrew people’s living rooms), we created a large tent-like structure in the middle of the community that functioned as a makeshift shul during good weather. The beautiful shul building that we now occupy was completed in September, 2000. The Nofei Aviv community has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 7 years, and our shul membership has increased to over 150 families.

Our Rav

Rabbi Eliezer Schenkolewsky studied at Yeshivat Shaalvim’s Hesder and Keter Yehoshua Kollel programs before receiving ordination from Israel’s Chief Rabbinate. Rabbi Schenkolewsky serves on several rabbinical courts and has published numerous articles. A highly versatile educator who has taught the full range of Jewish subjects, Rabbi Schenkolewsky is best known as one of Israel’s leading Tanach scholars. He also serves as the Assistant Principal of Shaalvim’s David and Golda Lander College of Education and holds the rank of captain (res.) in the Israel Defense Forces.

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